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Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation

Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation , frequently referred to as “superovulation”, is the first line treatment for unexplained (no severe male, ovulatory, or tubal/anatomical factor) infertility. Like In vitro fertilization, and some ovulation induction, superovulation involves use of the injectable fertility medications, in an effort to make to ovaries produce more than one egg at a time. These medications are given as daily shots, usually for 10-14 days. During the time these injections are being given, pelvic ultrasounds and blood estrogen levels are performed approximately every three days to determine the ovarian response. These ultrasounds and estrogen levels together are frequently referred to as “monitoring”. The clinical goal is to produce two to three mature eggs. When the eggs are mature, a final medication is given to induce their release and the couple then has either timed intercourse or an artificial insemination is done. Like ovulation induction, there are two prerequisites for patients to be considered good candidates for ovulation induction. First, the sperm has to be relatively normal, or at least within the working limits of an artificial insemination. The second prerequisite is that the woman’s reproductive organs (uterus, tubes, and ovaries) need to be anatomically normal.

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